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    We are looking to find new potential members to the club and would welcome any enquiries to see what you can do with the time you have. Our club also aims to have a good social calendar of events in usual times and many strong friendships have developed as a result of the spirit of the club.

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    Why join Sevenoaks Lions Club?

    You would achieve the satisfaction of contributing to projects which benefit the local community. Whatever skills you have, we shall make use of them. You may even be able to learn new skills!

    What commitment would I have to make?

    We hope that you would become a member of one of the two main sub-committees: Fundraising and Fundspending (Welfare), both meeting once a month. In addition, we ask that you attend our monthly Business meeting and help, whenever possible, at our various activities.


    But at the end of the day, all we ask is that you give as much time as you can give. And please don’t underestimate the importance of the social activities. There are indeed Lions in Sevenoaks!

    How much does it cost to join?

    There is no fee to join Sevenoaks Lions Club and all the profits we make are used to support the local community.


    However, Lions is an international organisation and therefore has a wide range of administrative costs in order to support Clubs both in the UK and all around the world achieve their aims. Therefore all members are asked to donate £65 each year.

    What about any personal data I provide?

    The Club takes its responsibilities about managing personal data very seriously in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. A copy of our Personal Data policy can be found here.

    Phone number 07341 119282