We spend about £30,000 each year on projects that benefit our community. If you would like to make a request for financial assistance, please complete and submit a request form.

Below are some other examples of where we have helped the local community:

Hospice in the Weald

Sevenoaks Lions Club has provided financial support for the Hospice in the Weald since its inception. Indeed, we made a contribution to its building costs.

Over the years, we have:

  • donated an awning so that day patients can sit outside, sheltering from the sun;
  • provided a sophisticated reclining chair for the day room so patients can sit comfortably:
  • provided computers with relevant software to assist in the management of the organisation.

Recently, our President was asked by the Hospice if they could pass on some lymphatic pumps (pumps which force air into cells to encourage lymph fluid in a body to move and not pool). These pumps were purchased by our Club for the Hospice some years ago but they had no further need for them. Our Club was delighted to pass them to a representative of the Hospices of Hope.

Ryder House

The Lions Club of Sevenoaks has made a significant contribution to refurnishing Ryder House in Tunbridge Wells which is operated by the YMCA and provides accommodation for 34 homeless youngsters. On average there are between 8-10 people from the Sevenoaks area (normally referred by Sevenoaks District Council) in residence.

The YMCA runs numerous courses and workshops to help these young people with basic cooking, management of money, self-esteem and job interview techniques. On average they stay at Ryder House for 13 months after which they are ready to cope with the outside world.


We have donated £5,000 to Relate to enable it to provide a counsellor for Edenbridge. Many couples continue in an unhappy marriage or partnership for years, keeping things very private rather than seeking help. Relate counsellors can assist couples to overcome their differences and resume a happy relationship. Financial help is available for those who cannot afford Relate’s fees.

Special Projects

Our special projects are proposed by Social Services, other support organisations, local charities or individuals. They may take the form of work, such as, for example, gardening for senior citizens or the handicapped, and decorating buildings, such as Sevenoaks Hospital, or those owned by local charities.

Free holiday activities for children

Our Club has financed a series of activities for children. These are managed either by the KCC or by West Kent Extra. We finance activities:

  • at Easter, (play-in-a-day), managed by West Kent Extra
  • in the summer, eight activities for groups of children (managed by KCC Social Services).The events include bowling, tennis, a day camp in Edenbridge and trips to the Rare Breeds Centre. The aim was to provide children with an exciting and stimulating series of activities.
  • at Christmas we finance a party for around 100 needy children and send around 20 children to a pantomime.

The Kenward Trust

The Kenward Trust provides help for those with an addiction be it alcohol or drugs. The Lions are financing the Trust to visit every senior school in Sevenoaks for one day to provide advice to students on how to avoid addiction. It takes to schools people who have had an addiction, or who have been to prison for drugs offences, to explain to the children the dangers of dependence and how to avoid it.

Life Skills

UK Lions owns a not-for-profit company, Tacade, which provides a range of books and games designed to promote the health and well-being of children and young people. They are intended to provide teachers and youth leaders with material for lessons or discussions on subjects such as alcohol, citizenship, drugs, gambling, bereavement, sexual relationships and smoking. Sevenoaks Lions Club provides copies for local schools and organisations which deal with young people.

MacIntyre Care

MacIntyre Care provides learning, support and care for people with learning disabilities. In Sevenoaks, it provides accommodation and support for nine people. Our Club has provided continued support for MacIntyre. It contributed half the cost of a summer house which the residents use as a communal space and later completely refurnished this area with solid, comfortable chairs and settees.